Infrared thermal blanket pain management tool on rheumatism

Treatment with infrared relieves muscles and joints!

The use of an infrared thermal blanket is a perfect addition to the treatment of rheumatic disorders. This makes it a suitable pain management tool for rheumatism, amongst others. After all, infrared promotes the muscle function and helps your body to relax. This way, you’re all ready for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Suitable for all ages! Are you curious about more information on the therapeutic effect of the infrared thermal blanket? This interesting article tells you all about it.

A pain management tool on rheumatism, how?

Well, we would like to tell you a little more about it. The infrared thermal blanket operates locally and makes the radiant heat deeply penetrate the body. This causes all your muscles and joints to sooth. Of course, the infrared thermal blanket is not only a pain management tool on rheumatism. The blanket also accelerates the recovery of body cells, it promotes the removal of waste, it supports the immune system, it promotes the kidney and skin functions and it stimulates the burning of fat.

Positive experiences of others

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