Infrared chair blanket

The deep, infrared warmth of the infrared chair blanket, has a beneficent and relaxing effect on the entire back of the body. From neck to calves. This blanket is also being used in beauty parlors (in the treatment chair) and in massage parlors (on the massage table), which causes clients to stay warm during the treatment. The blanket is linked to a controllerbox. With this controllerbox the temperature can be set between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius (actual maximum temperature is 53 degrees Celsius) and the time duration of the use can be set from 5 to 95 minutes.

The infrared blanket for chairs is easy and very practical to use:

  • Easy to carry in order for use everywhere
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical (100 watts)

Here follows a numeration of the many, positive effects on our body:

  • The blanket helps supple the muscles;
  • It promotes the removal of waste from our body;
  • It relaxes;
  • It promotes the operation on the immune system;
  • It promotes supple joints;
  • It can support the recovery of body cells;
  • It can promote a good kidney function;
  • It promotes a good skin function;
  • People who feel cold easily, slowly get heated through;
  • It promotes a good night’s rest;
  • Dimensions of the blanket are 60 centimeters wide and 147 centimeters long.

A frequent use of our infrared chair blanket promotes the muscle function and circulatory. Furthermore, sitting in a chair with an infrared blanket is comfortable and relaxing.

The infrared chair blanket costs € 154,- including taxes.

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