Infrared blanket reduces pain on treatment of rheumatism

The direct heat relaxes the muscles

Are you being treated for rheumatism or a related condition? Then undoubtedly you suffer from muscular or joint pains. Did you know that the regular use of an infrared blanket reduces your pain? The infrared blanket stimulates the muscle function, it relaxes and has a positive effect on the entire body. This results in a good night’s rest, so you can properly handle the pressures of everyday life. Suitable for young as well as old. Would you like to know more about infrared and the relief of pain on rheumatism? Then you should read this informative article.

The efficacy of an infrared blanket

Because of the local efficacy of infrared, the radiant heat deeply penetrates the body, the blood flows well to the tissues and the suppleness increases. So, the use of an infrared blanket is a valuable addition to the treatment of rheumatism. However, the blanket not only reduces your pain, it also:

  • Promotes the skin and kidney functions;
  • Stimulates fat burning and promotes the removal of waste;
  • Supports the immune system and accelerates the recovery of body cells.

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