Infrared blanket

The direct warmth of the blanket causes a deep, relaxing experience for the muscles. The infrared blanket also has a positive effect on the entire body, for young and old! The infrared blanket (1.80 meters long and 1.90 meters wide) is being shaped into a sleeping bag, by Velcro strap attached to the blanket. The sleeping bag then becomes 1.80 meters long and 65 centimeters wide. The blanket is linked to a controllerbox. With this controllerbox the temperature can be set between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius and the time duration of the use can be set from 5 to 95 minutes.

The many, positive effects of the infrared blanket on the body are:

  • The infrared blanket helps to supple the muscles;
  • It promotes the removal of waste from our body;
  • It relaxes;
  • It can stimulate the burning of fat;
  • It can promote the operation of the immune system;
  • It promotes supple joints;
  • It can support the recovery of body cells;
  • It promotes a good skin function;
  • It promotes a good night’s rest.

The frequent use of our infrared blanket promotes the muscle function and circulatory which helps us cope with the pressures of everyday life. Laying in the blanket is comfortable and relaxing.

The infrared blanket costs € 275,- including taxes.

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