Feeling cold because of an underactive thyroid?

An infrared blanket promotes blood circulation!

An underactive thyroid can have reaching consequences. You may experience various complaints such as fatigue, weight increase, constipation and always feeling cold. The latter, always feeling cold, is relatively easy to fix. For instance by stimulating the blood circulation extra, using an infrared blanket. Are you curious about the effects of infrared? Then you should definitely read this interesting article.

Always feeling cold is now in the past

Are you always feeling cold because of an underactive thyroid? Then there is something you can do about it. Because of the local operation of infrared, the radiant heat deeply penetrates your body. Thus, your blood circulation gets stimulated. This way, not only your hands and feet get warmed up, you’ll also feel more energetic. And that, just by using the infrared blanket for only 40 minutes per day!

Delightfully warm, where and whenever you need it

Are you noticing you’re feeling cold again? The infrared blanket provides instant warmth for a longer period of time, where and whenever you need it. Therefore, order your infrared blanket quickly and easily in our webshop, so that you can enjoy a good blood circulation as well. You can pay safely via iDeal, PayPal, MasterCard or wire transfer, after which your order will be delivered to you by PostNL in 2-3 days. We gladly answer any questions or remarks you might have. You can contact us by calling 0031 411 622 393 or sending an e-mail to info@infraredblanket.co.uk.

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