Deacidification and detoxification through infrared

In the book ‘Younger by acidifying’ by Sang Whang, engineer, scientist, inventor and holder of numerous patents, is described how one can deliver the body from the pollution of accumulated waste.

The aging process, which starts at the beginning of life, actually is an accumulation of waste products excreted. Even if our nutrition does not contain harmful substances, waste arises from this and needs to be removed. If there are harmful substances in our nutrition, toxic waste arises from this. The body needs to remove and detoxify this waste.

Acid wastes center around the capillaries which then clog

For the blood to reach this pile of acid waste, the body temperature needs to be increased so that the capillaries dilate. The warm blood does not only reach the capillaries faster, in the warm blood they resolve better as well. Just like dirty dishes are easier to rinse in hot water than they are in cold water.

In general, older waste is surrounded by clogged capillaries. If you were to reach 10 year old waste en throw it away, you’d virtually become 10 years younger. Hence the claim: ‘Younger by acidifying’.

There are various ways to increase the body’s internal temperature:

  • Fitness training, running or cycling (training has many positive effects on our body);
  • Taking a hot bath or a hot sauna;
  • Using an infrared blanket/mat or an infrared sauna.

Sang Whang prefers the infrared method. The reason for that is that it doesn’t require any special effort. Other methods like training or taking a hot bath require time and, given our busy life, are much harder to maintain longer than 6 months.

Furthermore, this book recommends drinking subjacent water.

If you’ve become curious about the subject of deacidification and detoxification, we highly recommend reading this book (ISBN number: 978-94-91597-00-8)

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