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  1. I’ve been using the infrared blanket for quite a while now. It’s a blessing for the muscles. Due to my neck and backaches I use to have therapy. But not anymore. Because of the blanket I’m way more supple now. Unfortunately the blanket is a bit short. But I’ve resolved this by not entirely closing the blanket and putting socks on my feet, so they won’t get cold. This way my neck fits in the blanket and relaxes well.

  2. My roommates were a bit skeptical. ‘What did you buy know’, was their reply. But after a few days of crawling in my comfortable blanket telling them how blissful it feels, they look a bit jealous now, lol. I already knew the effect of a regular sauna session and I have to say that I notice the same effect after using the blanket. I always use it just before sleeping, so I fall asleep more easily. I haven’t noticed the ‘burning fat’ yet, but I guess that’ll be noticeable in the long term. I general, I totally recommend it.

  3. Since a few days I’m the owner of a chair blanket. It works great! I use it for 30 minutes on 42 degrees Celsius, twice a day. Due to working with a computer I always have sore neck and back muscles. After only a few days, I’m already experiencing improvement. If you’re looking for the same relief as I got, the infrared blanket from this webshop is the place to get it.

  4. This is not a fairytale. Since a few years I have the infrared blanket as a result of FM complaints. It relaxes, heats and brings much relief. I suggested the blanket to my grandmother (Arthrosis patient) and aunt (Rheumatic patient) and they bought the blanket as well. It really is a blessing for body and mind. Funny side issue… My 16-year old cat suffers from Arthrosis and likes to lay in the blanket as well! The blanket made my life a lot more pleasant, so I recommend it to everyone.

  5. For a year I have been in the possession of the infrared blanket. I suffer from Arthrosis, so every morning when I wake up I relax and enjoy the heat of the blanket. It really relieves my pain. I recommend this blanket to everyone who is dealing with joint and muscle complaints.

  6. Since a couple of years, I’m a satisfied user of the infrared blanket, to sooth the consequences of Fibromyalgia, Bechterew’s disease and Arthrosis. I try to use the blanket two to three times every week, using it for 45 minutes on 38 to 40 degrees Celsius each time. I think the blanket could be a bit longer, so I can fit in whole (I’m 1.96 meters long). It was hard to find a decent storage place for the blanket. I didn’t find it desirable to fold it each time. So at first, I laid it over somewhere. But soon I found a good solution. I placed a sturdy clothes hanger behind the Velcro at the foot end of the blanket and hung it on a solid hook to the wall!

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